BC Discoveries Dance and Theater Arts Company

Turning Out Performance Company

Created in May 2010, Turning Out Performing Company (TOPC) is a non-competitive dance troop. TOPC provides additional studio time and performance opportunities for BC Discoveries students interested in devoting more time to dance and the arts. Auditions are held in September and students must take at least two BCDTA classes in order to qualify for this opportunity. TOPC students have performed at Hershey Park, Trenton Thunder, Walt Disney World, Knobles, The Orange Bowl, Thanksgiving Day Parade, Six Flags Great Adventure, Philadelphia Soul, on Broadway at The New Amsterdam Theatre and many many more places!

“The beauty of this program is that it creates team spirit without competition.”

“It’s like a competition team without the competition and intensity.”

“Dance has always been a solo endeavor for my child, now I feel like she is part of a team, a family.”

Recent Turning Out Performances:
Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade, Orange Bowl 2012, Dance the Magic on Broadway, Cherry Blossom Festival, Trenton Thunder, Woman of Bucks County Fashion Show, Six Flags Great Adventure, Bucks County Childrens Museum, Newtown Holiday Parade, Walt Disney World, Extras in movie “Gabriel” and many more!

New for Fall 2016! TOPC Clinic For all TOPC classes! Students will participate in a clinic class (either directly before or directly after their regular weekly TOPC class) where they will come together with another TOPC class section to work on numbers and for teambuilding!

See our fall schedule for more info on TOPC clinic!

Turning Out 2015-2016

Delaney Bilyk, Juliana Black, Nora Black, Sammi Brown, Kayla Cartwright, Elena Cianfrini, Julia Cunningham, Anna Frederico, Lauren Greenberg, Mia Guglietta, Olivia Hitchingham, Faye Joseph, Kathryn Keating, Megan Kirk, Madi Knapp, Ella Koors, Ryan Kulka, Ava Lambing, Christina Lambros, Ava LaSasso, Holly Mann, Elle McLaughlin, Maddie Mielziner, Grace Palermo, Madison Peters, Julia Philon, Camille Rizzo, Emily Silverman, Logan Smith, Sydney Sobkowiak, Julianna Starsinic, Marissa Stauff, Caitlin Tiger, Emi Tomczyk, Jami Tomczyk, Sophie Weber, Halle Wichterman, Lauren Williamson, Bryana Yetman