BCDTA is now Offering Birthday Parties!

BC Discoveries Birthday Party Packages
$290 + Birthday child free $12 each additional guest
Join the fun and relax as BC Discoveries entertains your party guests. Your party includes up to 15 guests and the birthday child is free. All parties are 2 hrs. with 1 1/2 hours of fun and games and 1/2 for cake and presents.

All party packages include the following:
* 2 hour themed party of your choice including set-up and clean-up.
* Private dance instructor and a dance teacher assistant to lead all activities and serve food and drink. (How many BCDTA staff are included in each party? Fashion model party is staffed with one instructor and two teacher assistants; all other parties are staffed with one instructor and one teacher assistant. These costs are included in the price of the party. However, if BCDTA staff feels it is necessary to add an additional helper due to age or large number of party participants, $35 per additional helper will be added to the party cost; parent will be informed when additional helpers are added).
* Age appropriate arts & craft activity (Except Just Dance Party)
* Tables & chairs
* Table cover
* Plates, napkins, cups, forks, candles
* * You provide the food, cake, beverages and decorations
*** $100 non-refundable deposit reserves your date

Additional charges:

Additional charges for large number of non-party participants- Please note that additional charges may be assessed for parties that have a large number of party goers that are not participating in the dance/activities portion of the party. This includes unusually large numbers of older/younger children in attendance but not participating and also large numbers of adults as this leads to extra supplies needed and extra cleanup/assistance. BCDTA will discuss this charge with family prior to party in invoice sent to family one week prior to party.

Additional charges for extra BCDTA staff– BCDTA staff will contact you 1 week prior to party for a final count of party participants. At this time, BCDTA will decide on need for additional helpers and will invoice parent for the price of the party. Please note: this final invoice will be based on the number of participants given to BCDTA 1 week prior to the party and is due 2 days before the party. You are responsible to pay for any guests that you have included in the final count emailed to BCDTA (1 week prior to party) even if party goers do not show up on the day of the party. Please note that if additional party participants show up (beyond the 15 included in the base party price) you will be invoiced for these at $12 each (this amount for additional participants is due at the end of the party)

Party Themes Available:

Fashion Model Party
Popular for ages 4 – 15
Let the show begin! Get all dressed up in your favorite outfit and get ready to show us your best model walk on the runway! Guests will enjoy having their hair and make-up done before making their runway debut. Our stylish and skilled staff will provide a mini lesson on perfecting runway walking and picture posing. Each guest will get to pose just like the professionals for a picture and will get to create a customized decorated mirror to remember this special experience!

Hollywood Actor Birthday Party
Popular for ages 8 – 15
Who needs an invitation to the Oscars when BC Discoveries can throw you a birthday party fit for the red carpet?! As each guest arrives, they get their own time in the spotlight as they grace the red carpet with the paparazzi in awe! The guests will engage in fun, high energy warm-up activities the professional actors use every day. The guests then have a choice to either live in the moment with fun improv games or try out their acting skills with imaginative acting scenes. Each guest gets Hollywood memorabilia to take home with them…a star that they decorate with their stage name as well as a group photo of all of the party stars!

Just Dance Party
Popular for ages 8 – 15
Love to dance? Then this party is for you. You pick the music and the style of your choice and we will create custom choreography. Spend the next hour perfecting your dance moves before it’s Show Time! After the big show, spend the rest of the party enjoying cake and presents with your guests!

Twinkle Stars Dance Party
Popular for ages 2 – 5
This is a big party for our littlest dancers. It is non-stop fun as we teach party guests a combination of ballet, tap and jazz moves. We will also use props like maracas and other instruments to keep the party moving. After a few exciting games of “freeze dance”, the guests will get to decorate a special party keepsake!

Princess Ballet Party
Popular for ages 3 +
This party is for the Princess in all of us! The party begins when we present the Birthday Girl with a beautiful tiara to help her celebrate her majestic day. The guests will have a magical time playing dress up with our glittery costumes and accessories…they will feel like real princesses! We will spend the next 45 minutes learning ballet and jazz moves to create a customized Princess dance which also includes ballerina bears, scarves and hula hoops to make our performance even more fun! All guests will also get to create their very own tiara or magical wand to remember this very special day.

Enchanted Disney Princess Party
Popular for ages 4-7

BC Discoveries will help make your child’s dreams come true with magical and royal treatment fit for a birthday princess! The birthday child can pick their favorite princess to send regal birthday announcement certificates for them and each of their guests that they will pose with during their group photo. All of the guests will show off their inner royalty with the “Disney Princess Freeze Dance”! Then the guests can test their knowledge of princesses in an exciting game of “Guess that Princess”.  After all of the fun and games, each guest gets to decorate their own crown and pose for an enchanting group picture.

Broadway Triple Threat Party
Popular for ages 9 – 15
Sing, Dance and Act to your favorite Broadway show! Choose from popular shows such as Annie, Beauty & the Beast, Wicked, Newsies or Chicago! Guests will be engaged in learning monologues, songs, and choreography just like the Broadway greats do and will make an age appropriate craft related to the party theme to take home with them. Guests will have the opportunity of a lifetime as they experience what it is like to have your name up in lights!

Frozen Theme Birthday Party…More info coming soon!

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