BCDTA Student Intern Program

The BCDTA Intern Program is for BCDTA students in 7th grade or older (who have been a student at BCDTA for atleast one year) who are interested in student teaching and other opportunities to help out at the studio.

How do you become an intern?
All interested students must attend our annual Intern Training Program in the Fall Semester in order to be an intern for the upcoming Fall/Spring/Summer sessions.

The cost for the annual Intern Training Session is $50 and includes Intern Jacket and Tank top. Intern Tank top will need to be worn when working at all times and additional shirts may be purchased for $10 each. Training is a 1 time fee.

How often do intern trainings occur? When will the next training be?
Intern training is good for one full year. If you continue to Intern after one year, you will need to attend the training course every year in the Fall, but there will be no cost. If you outgrow/lose your jacket or t-shirt you will be responsible for the cost of purchasing a new one.

Intern trainings are held once a year prior to the beginning of fall semester. Our next training session will be September 2017 for fall 2017 and spring/summer 2018 interns.

Do interns get paid?
Interns will be paid for their time. Payment for interns can be written as a check or used as tuition credit. *Please note, if a child (over the age of 15) makes over $500 in the course of a year, they must by law file a 1099 tax form.

What we expect of our BCDTA interns:
We are excited to institute this new program as we feel it will make your learning experiences even greater. We will also be holding you to the standards that an intern would be held to at other places of employment which means that interns MUST be reliable, show up when scheduled, and set a good example for other students. We also expect you to be on time or early for your scheduled times to work.

How many hours can an intern work?
You can choose the amount of hours that you would like; as little or as much as you would like!

Intern jobs include:

  • Assist with Summer Camps
  • Assist with Birthday Parties
  • Assist with Rehearsals
  • Assist with Recitals
  • Assist with Classes
  • Work the front desk
  • Assist where needed (costume hand outs, decorating, etc)

Please note, that these jobs will only be open to BCDTA interns at the studio.

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