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Fall 2017 Registration Form

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Sibling discount: 10% off of the lowest tuition. 1st child is regular price (Prices do not include TOPC)

45 min class - cost $170
One 1 hr class - cost $192
Two 1 hr. classes - cost $360
Three 1 hour classes - cost $504
Unlimited classes (four classes or more, not including TOPC) - cost $599

Annual Registration Fee - $25 per family

*To complete your semester's registration, please pay your $50 per class deposit. You can pay this online, in the studio or mail to PO BOX 5357, Clinton, NJ 08809

(Please complete a separate form for each child)

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-Acting/Voice 3, Monday, 4:30
-Twinkle Stars ages 3-4, Monday, 10:30
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There are NO REFUNDS on paid tuition or costumes
Should your child decide to drop out during the course of the session, any remaining tuition balance is still your responsibility.

I agree to hold BC Discover Dance & Theater Arts Company (AKA/BCDTA), the BCDTA instructors & The Brookside Barn Association HARMLESS for any accident, injury or incident that may cause harm to my child or family member. This applies to ALL SESSIONS that my child or family member participates as well as all locations that activities or instruction take place. BCDTA has the right to use photographs & recording for classroom &/or promotional use.

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